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Development of a toolbox for online platforms

Following the desk research and feedback collected from stakeholders and the learning activity, this PR will develop 7 online courses (each one in English and the national language of the course leader) as well as a toolbox with guidelines, and cost-effect evaluations for a European network of online platforms offering distance learning courses for citizens 60+. The outcomes of this PR will be the 7 courses and the toolbox. This Project Result will be co-lead by Sveuciliste U Splitu and Universitat Zurich.

Expected impact:

The results will produce a high impact given their adaptability to the diversity of European populations 60+ and their relevance for many Higher Education institutions aspiring to build a complementary learning infrastructure for Europeans aged 60+. The toolbox and guidance can be used to calculate costs, resources, and effects of tailored online learning platforms and are of immediate interest to any HEI desiring to consolidate or revamp their offer in Third-Age Education or to launch themselves in this field. They are bound to retain the attention of Higher Education authorities, HE organizations and Foundations, as well as local, regional, national and European authorities.

Transferability potential:

The PR’s transferability potential is high. The online courses, toolbox and its related reports will be available in open access mode for all interested HEIs willing to offer e-learning to their senior communities and to senior citizens themselves. The toolbox will permit developers to create and adjust local solutions compatible with online learning platforms for citizens 60+ and to add value by facilitating virtual student exchange and sharing of e-learning material, while maintaining the context-specificity of the implications and communities reached.