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Development of 7 e-Learning courses and a toolbox

Following the desk research, feedback collected from stakeholders and the learning activity, this Project Results (PR) will develop 7 e-learning in English as well as a toolbox with guidelines, and cost-effect evaluations for a European network of online platforms offering distance learning courses for citizens 60+. This Project Result will be co-lead by Sveuciliste U Splitu and Universitat Zurich.

In April 2024 the e-learning courses have been launched on the platform WiseLearn.
Interested learners 60+ can register here.

Expected impact:

The results will produce a high impact given their adaptability to the diversity of European populations 60+ and their relevance for many Higher Education Institutions (HEI) aspiring to build a complementary learning infrastructure for Europeans aged 60+. The toolbox and guidance can be used to calculate costs, resources, and effects of tailored online learning platforms and are of immediate interest to any HEI desiring to consolidate or revamp their offer in Third-Age Education or to launch themselves in this field. They are bound to retain the attention of Higher Education authorities, HE organizations and Foundations, as well as local, regional, national and European authorities.

Transferability potential:

The PR’s transferability potential is high. The e-learning courses, toolbox and its related reports will be available in open access mode for all interested HEIs willing to offer e-learning to their senior communities and to senior citizens themselves. The toolbox will permit developers to create and adjust local solutions compatible with online learning platforms for citizens 60+ and to add value by facilitating virtual student exchange and sharing of e-learning material, while maintaining the context-specificity of the implications and communities reached.

Catalogue of European Online Courses for 60+

keyboard_arrow_down Czech Republic
> University of Life Sciences Prague
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Czech Technical University in Prague
Course content (Topics) :
- IT course ("Tablets practically")
- IT course ("Useful applications for the computer")

> Masaryk University
Course content (Topics) : Health course ("Memory training")

> Mendel University in Brno
Course content (Topics) :
- Permaculture garden
- Meat production

> University of Ostrava
Course content (Topics) :
- IT course (Online services on the Internet)
- IT/political science course (State administration, local government and public institutions on the Internet)
- Historical course (Rome and its architecture - from the founding of the city to the 20th century)
- Cultural course (Selected chapters from the culture of the Spanish-speaking world)
- IT course (Computer basics)
- Viva V.E.R.D.I.
- Variety of topics

> Charles University
Course content (Topics) :
- Religious orders and congregations
- Biology read for the second time
- German Language course

> University of West Bohemia
Course content (Topics) :
- Cognitive training for the third age
- Czechoslovakia in the first half of the 20th century or not only about aviation - a continuing field
- Egyptology
- What happens in the body during the year
- Famous documents of world history
- Astronomy step by step

> Life 90
Course content (Topics) :
- Language courses (English, German, Spain, Polish)
- Variety of topics

> Regions for safe web
Course content (Topics) :
- Safety on the internet
- Internet close up

> Česká spořitelna
Course content (Topics) :
- Modern technology
- Modern technology, web safety

Course content (Topics) :
- How to master internet

> Czech Photo
Course content (Topics) :
- Photography
- Digital learning
keyboard_arrow_down France
keyboard_arrow_down Croatia
> Binocular teatar
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Third Age University, Zagreb
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics
keyboard_arrow_down Hungary
> University of Milton Friedman
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Újbuda 60+
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Semmelweis University
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Civilút
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Community center of Dabas
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics
keyboard_arrow_down Latvia
keyboard_arrow_down Portugal
> Online Senior Academy
Course content (Topics) : Arts, sports, languages, literature, informatics, communication

> Senior ON University
Course content (Topics) : Sports, cooking, informatics

> Sintra Senior University
Course content (Topics) : Environment: renewables and economic sustainability

> Senior University of Manique
Course content (Topics) : Informatics, English, Italian, French, sciences, history, arts, sports, workshops

> Universidade Sénior de Campo de Ourique – Lisboa
Course content (Topics) : English, French, Spanish, IT, history, arts, sports

> Academia Rutis Lisboa
Course content (Topics) : Informatics, languages, sciences, history, arts, sports

> Almada Senior University
Course content (Topics) : Language, informatics, video

> Setubal Senior University
Course content (Topics) : Health, languages, arts

> Universidade Sénior dos SSCML
Course content (Topics) : Science

> Funchal Senior University
Course content (Topics) : Sports, health

> Gouveia Municipality
Course content (Topics) : Sports

> Seniorvirtual - RUTIS
SCourse content (Topics) : Arts, civil, history, economics, literature, physical activity, philosophy, informatics

Course content (Topics) : Culture, science, health and arts

> Universidade Senior Contemporanea
Course content (Topics) : History, informatics, languages, soft skills, patrimony

> Universidade Senior São João da Cruz
Course content (Topics) : Arts, sports, science, health, economics, history, languages

> University of Azores
Course content (Topics) : history, biology, science, heritage
Workshops: poetry, choir, photograph, drama

> Nova Atena
Course content (Topics) : Arts, sports, science, informatics, economics, history, languages

> Universidade Senior da Moita
Course content (Topics) : Music, arts, sports
keyboard_arrow_down Switzerland
> Collegium 60plus
Course content (Topics) : Seniors learn from seniors / Spanish conversation course

> Pisourd
Course content (Topics) : Videos for 50+ in sign language about aging

> Computeria Solothurn
Course content (Topics) : IT issues and social gathering

> Computeria Ostschweiz
Course content (Topics) : Online IT Workshops, IT courses on site

> Education for aging and old people of Geneva
Course content (Topics) : Health, living, provision, care…

> The generation tandem
Course content (Topics) : IT-course, regular discussion tables, intergenerational topics

> University of Berne
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> University of Lucerne
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> University of Geneve
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> University of Zurich
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> University of Neuchâtel
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> ATTE Associazione Ticinese Terza Età - UNI3
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Canton Vaud - Knowledge Third
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> University of Basel
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Senior Bern
Course content (Topics) : IT courses, leisure activities

> People's University Zurich
Course content (Topics) : Variety of topics

> Pro Senectute
Course content (Topics) : Language, sports, private benefit plan, mental health, IT

> Swiss Federal Railway & Pro Senectute & Swisscom Academy
Course content (Topics) : How to buy a ticket with the app?