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Hackathon regarding the co-design of an Erasmus+60 Third-Age educational offer

The hackathon with stakeholder organisations regarding the co-design of an Erasmus+60 Third-Age educational offer integrating intergenerational learning perspectives will be led by Latvijas Universitate.

The purpose of this hackathon is to stage a large effort to collect feedback from stakeholders such as HEIs as well as local, regional, national and international educational authorities and other organisations reflecting the partners’ countries. This PR will allow the consortium to collect extensive feedback on the results of the desk research in view of preparing its piloting courses and toolbox for online platforms. The outcome will be a general report.

Expected impact:

Hackathon will create favourable conditions for cooperation of policy makers, practitioners and developers as co- designers and user-centered designers of intergenerational learning and interaction. Studying intergenerational cooperation in an educational context, it is possible to foresee that each project team works within an established management or other framework and has its own development practices or established collaboration patterns. Interactions in such a team can be strongly influenced by these team-specific aspects. Hackathon offers more opportunities of observing various teams with various development practices, interaction styles and experience. Thus, Hackathon is expected to bring out the innovative ideas for the Third-Age educational offer, based on interactive teams’ discussions.

Transferability potential:

Hackathon is an intense collaborative event, which creates innovative solutions for pressing problems by bringing multidisciplinary teams and educational tools. Such events empower the participants to take action, to facilitate the transferring of international experiences to national context, to develop transferability guidelines targeting each type of stakeholder. A synthesis of desk research and assessment results with the report from Hackathon will be transferred to the next RT for the adoption of the findings to design further content.

Hackathon report "ERASMUS+60 Third-Age educational offers integrating intergenerational learning perspectives"


KJAKSTE Aleksandra, RAMINA-LO BELLO Beate, Hackathon report on Erasmus+60 Third-Age educational offers integrating intergenerational learning perspectives, University of Latvia, International Student Coordinator, 2023.