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Policy recommendations

The project seeks to address the challenges related to the senior population, in particular in the context of the increased possibility to engage in further learning which can play a crucial role in enhancing mental health, well-being factors, as well as intergenerational learning across borders. The focus of the policy recommendation will therefore be on identifying ways to make Third-Age Education the norm in the European Higher Education Area and formulate concrete recommendations, which include
both an educational offer that HEIs develop as well as full scale student services, including mobility opportunities. This PR will be led by EUF.

The reports, hackathon and feedback from the platform’s testing phase and final outcome will provide a very robust basis in academic terms and as far as end-users' needs are concerned on which the project’s policy recommendations will be made. EUF which can draw on longstanding expertise in this domain and will coordinate this final phase of discussions involving all partners leading to the writing of the policy recommendations report.

Expected impact:

This PR is intended to provide practical recommendations to policy makers and university leadership with concrete and evidence-based indications on how to strengthen the cooperation/ further improve the services as well as Erasmus+ mobility accessibility and impact on the intergenerational learning process.

Transferability potential:

The final version of the policy recommendations will be made available on the project website and will be disseminated through the internal and external communication channels of the project partners. The results will be shared in the final multiplier event.